Top 17 Of The World’s Most Expensive Materials

Not only diamonds and gold are expensive. Then what else?

#17 Saffron $11/grams


Saffron is a plant belonging to the iris family (Iridaceae). People used it for thousands of years in the kitchen and as a natural remedy. Saffron has many scientifically proved benefits (calming, appetizing, antispasmodic), but also helps with slight depression, irregular menstruation and abdominal issues. Nowadays it is not so commonly used because of it’s high price. Saffron should not be mixed up with safflower, which is much cheaper.

#16 Gold $56/grams


Gold is used for thousands of years. This metal cannot rust, this is why it is perfect for making jewelry. Also, there are some cosmetics that contain gold and also edible gold can be found.

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