10 Crucial Exercises for Back Pain

Did you know that around 80 percent of the American population will suffer from lower back pain at least once in their life? The worst part is, it’s a type of niggly pain that can be challenging to get rid of or alleviate without help.

While you can head to your local doctor, massage therapist or chiropractor, did you know you can also put your wallet back in your pocket and help yourself?

There are tons of exercises you can do in the comfort of your home to alleviate back pain – all the while contributing to your overall health! Now’s the time to get started. Just be wary about doing numbers six and nine within watching distance of your neighbors if you don’t want to put on a show!

1. Hamstring Stretches

1. Hamstring Stretches

Hamstring stretches are one of the most beneficial exercises for back pain. What’s more, it’s one that you can do in many different ways. Whether you want to improve your thigh muscles or take care of sciatica pain, give hamstring stretches a try.

Sit on the edge of your chair, straighten one leg in front of you with your heel on the floor and push your stomach toward your thighs without moving your body. Hold for 30 seconds with each leg, repeating three times each.

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